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Exchange Traded Fund Portfolios

Our three model portfolios have continued to demonstrate consistent performance for investors choosing to replicate the models.  The value of properly diversifying an investment portfolio has been demonstrated with the US markets at record highs, and the core holding of the Vanguard US ETF up over 40% since it was added to the models.

RRSPs – Still Canadians’ Best Opportunity for Retirement Savings

RRSPs offer Canadians an opportunity to save for their retirement with tax deductible contributions made from taxable income.  Amounts earned in the RRSP are exempt from tax for the time the funds remain inside the plan. The key to successfully building your RRSP is to contribute early and regularly which enhances the effect of tax free compounding over time.


The Cost of Cash

In terms of investment risk, cash is the safest asset class for preserving capital.  But, when you consider inflation and the cost of living, is cash really safe, or is it costing you.  Historically, stocks and bonds have outperformed cash which has produced a long term negative return after taxes and inflation.

Bank of Canada Holds Benchmark Rate at 1%

The Bank of Canada today announced that it was holding its benchmark rate at 1%, keeping interest rates at low levels, providing some further stimulus to the Canadian economy.  This announcement comes on the heels of Bank of Montreal announcing another drop in mortgage rates with 5 year closed mortgages now available at 2.99%.  This should lead to the other banks following suit creati

What’s in Store for 2012?

If the first week and a half of trading sessions in January are any indication of where we are headed, then the bear market is over.  Markets and commodities are forming a base and the number of stocks is starting to rise with now the majority of Dow 30 components on the big US board trading above their 200-day moving averages.  This alone, is a very bullish signal.  Clearly, tra

Tis The Season…

With another trading year about to come to a close, it looks like the TSX will post an approximate 12% loss for the year.  With commodity prices generally down across the board - our resource driven market has felt the effects of slower growth in China and the emerging markets; a stronger US dollar; and the never-ending European sovereign debt crisis.

The Risk Appetite – November 24, 2011

Equities are down across the planet, the risk trade is off after being on for October.

The ETF Solution – November 2011

When I joined PI Financial in 2009, I had just experienced the worst stock market correction of my career which coincidentally started at the same time of the last great stock market correction in 1987.  The ’87 collapse which led to the margin calls and panic selling on infamous “Black Monday” displayed volatility unlike the market had seen in years.

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