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Products and Services

Products and Services

At PI Financial Corp I am able to provide my clients with independent and unbiased advice and service. I bring knowledge and insight gained through over twenty five years of practical experience helping individuals and businesses through several economic and market cycles.

I build trust with my clients through regular communication and by offering responsive and personalized service.

My products and services include:

  • Discretionary Portfolio management
  • Access to stocks, exchange traded funds, options, and new issues
  • Fixed-income investments including bonds, GICs, and preferred shares
  • Mutual funds and managed products
  • Retirement, financial, and estate planning
  • Life, accident & sickness, and disability insurance offered through PI Financial Services Corp
  • Segregated funds offered through PI Financial Services Corp*
  • Private / public company financing
  • Stock option exercises
  • Commodities / Futures

I tailor my services to meet individual needs and use a comprehensive approach to create a rewarding client experience. Call me today for more information or to set up a complimentary initial consultation.  All client referrals are kept in the strictest confidence.

*Recommendations, solicitations, and/or advice regarding insurance I am able to provide as a fully licensed Life, Accident & Sickness, and Disability Advisor.

PI Financial Corp. is licensed as a broker-dealer in all provinces and territories of Canada and is a member of the IIROC and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. The contents of our Website are not intended, and should not be construed, as a solicitation of customers or business in any jurisdiction in which we are not registered as a dealer in securities

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